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Founder’s Vision Statement

I’ve always envisioned having those in the apostolic faith come together in unity as one Church, which was displayed on the Day of Pentecost. Jesus did state plainly in Matthew 16:18, that there’s only one church and that’s the Church of Jesus Christ. 

Reflecting on our history dating back to the Azusa meeting of 1906, we can see how it paved the way to where we are now. From that meeting, great fathers were birthed into the Apostolic Faith such as Bishop Garfield T. Haywood, Bishop Robert C. Lawson, Bishop Henry C. Brooks, and Bishop Smallwood E. Williams. I’m proud to be the son of Bishop Henry C. Brooks, founder of The Way of the Cross Church of Christ (1927).  

Because we have a new generation of Pastors and so many denominations, I wanted to make sure that our apostolic history isn’t lost. So, during a great fellowship service celebrating Bible Way Temple’s 88th Church Anniversary in October 2015, God reaffirmed my vision. I asked if choir members of Bible Way and The Way of the Cross could render a selection together. They gathered together in the Temple and joyfully sang, “The Blood Still Works!” With the anointing overflowing in the house, I looked at Bishop Demery and suggested that we unite and host a Pentecost Sunday Celebration Service along with any other Pastors who would want to join us.

In March 2016, at our very first planning meeting where over 15 Pastors attended, the vision formed into the “Apostolic Pentecostal Fellowship.” This fellowship would serve as a catalyst for the apostolic movement while “igniting the fire of Pentecost.” And with the assistance of Bishop Ronald Demery and other esteemed Apostolic pastors in the D.C. area, we came together to carry out the many tasks needed to ensure the success of the unified service. 

After many weeks of planning, meetings, and rehearsals, the doors of Bible Way Church D.C. would open and welcome hundreds of worshipers to the 1st Annual Apostolic Pentecost Fellowship Service on Pentecost Sunday, May 15, 2016. I was honored to share the pulpit with so many other revered Bishops, Pastors, and other spiritual overseers – bringing forth an overwhelming sense of UNITY.

The service paid homage to our fathers in the gospel and reminded us of our history while giving us hope for the future.

I could not think of a more appropriate time than on this Pentecost Sunday to hold the annual Apostolic Pentecostal Fellowship. Let this day and those to come, ignite our faith so that we may continue to exemplify God’s gift of the Holy Ghost. 

Bishop Alphonzo D. Brooks