And in the last days I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh…

Partial Development of Predominately African-American Organizations, and Movements Coming Out of The Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ 

Charles Fox Parham (1873-1929) - Born in Muscatine, Iowa Considered Father of the Modern Pentecostal Movement in the USA, Topeka, Kansas 1901

In the fall of 1900, a former pastor in the Methodist Episcopal Church by the name of Charles Parham began the Bethel Bible College in Topeka, Kansas. As an assignment to his students he required that they investigate the "baptism of the Spirit" or what was also known as the Pentecostal Blessing. After returning from a speaking engagement he was astonished to learn that all of his students had the same story; while several different things occurred when this blessing fell, the indisputable proof on each occasion was that believers spoke in other tongues. After learning this, the students immediately began to seek the baptism with the evidence of speaking with other tongues. On January 1, 1901, the Spirit fell, first on Agnes Ozman, and then a few days later on many others, including Parham himself.

William J. Seymour (1870-1922) - Born in Centerville Louisiana Founder, Azusa Street Revival and Apostolic Faith Gospel Mission, Los Angels, CA 1906. 

It was in 1906 that Pentecostalism would achieve worldwide attention through the Azusa Street revival in Los Angeles led by the African-American preacher William J. Seymour. From attending a Bible School that Parham conducted, he learned about the tongues-attested baptism. Seymour opened the historic meeting in April, 1906 in a former African Methodist Episcopal (AME) church building at 312 Azusa Street under the name of the "Apostolic Faith mission" which would conduct three services a day, seven days a week. It was there that thousands sought to be baptized in the Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues and experience numerous other Holy Spirit manifestations. From Azusa Street Pentecostalism spread rapidly around the world and began its advance toward becoming a major force in Christendom. The movement was also noted for its integration of both White and African-American Christian traditions.

Azusa Street Revival 312 Azusa Street, Los Angeles CA 1906-1909.

The focal point of the early Pentecostal revival which began in 1906 was the Apostolic Faith Mission at 312 Azusa Street in Los Angeles, California. Continuous meetings were held there every day for a period of three years beginning in mid-April, 1906. This mission on Azusa Street published the well-known newspaper, The Apostolic Faith, which was one of the primary means by which news of the revival was spread, beginning with the first issue, published in September of 1906. The editor was William J. Seymour. The Apostolic Faith contains many accounts of shaking, falling, speechlessness, drunkenness in the Spirit, and Holy Laughter which took place during the early Pentecostal revival at Azusa Street and elsewhere during the first few years of the revival.

Charles H. Mason (1866-1961) - Born in Memphis, Tennessee who received the Holy Ghost at Azusa Street and Founder of the Churches of God in Christ 1907.

The turning point in Elder Mason's life came in March, 1907, when he journeyed to Los Angeles, California, to attend a great Pentecostal revival with Elder D. J. Young and Elder J. A. Jeter. Elder W. J. Seymour was preaching concerning Luke 24:49, "And behold I send the promise of my Father upon you; but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem until ye be endued with power from on high." Elder Mason became convinced that it was essential for him to have the outpouring of the Holy Ghost.

Henry Prentiss receives the Holy Ghost at Azusa Street Revival and later preaches to G.T. Haywood who is saved under his ministry. 1907 

Henry Prentiss reported as follows in the May,1907 issue (vol. 1, no. 8, p. 4) in THE APOSTOLIC FAITH:

"We went to the meeting where Bro. Blassco is. The Lord wonderfully blest in the service, and one precious sinner was saved, sanctified and baptized with the Holy Ghost. The Lord filled her mouth with holy laugher and she spoke in new tongues and has been under His power ever since, filled with joy and gladness.

Brother Barbour, a brother in the congregation of Elder Prentiss, asked G.T. Haywood to attend church with him. Brother Haywood, a talented teacher, writer, and later minister of the Gospel, is saved and accepts God's calling. He is a dedicated student of the Bible and eventually becomes Pastor of Christ Temple Church, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Pentecostal Assemblies of the World 1914 Bishop G.T. Haywood, First Presiding Bishop (1925-1931) and mentor of Bishop R.C. Lawson.

In Indianapolis Indiana, Bishop G.T. Haywood and all 465 members of his congregation accepted the Oneness message and were re-baptised in Jesus name. This caused a great stir in the Assemblies of God, and powerful factions began to form. Brothers Frank Ewart, Glenn Cook, R.E. McAlister and G.T. Haywood had organized the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World in 1913. This organization, though not exclusively Oneness at its founding, quickly became such. The message of the Oneness of God and the practice of rebaptism spread throughout the Pentecostal Movement.

The Pentecostal Churches of The Apostolic Faith 1957. 

Bishop Samuel N. Hancock, Founder and Bishop who came out of Pentecostal Assemblies of the World 
Robert C. Lawson (1883-1961) - Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ Of the Apostolic Faith, Inc. New York, N.Y. C.O.O.L.J.C. 1919.

A man by the name of Robert C. Lawson is hospitalized with tuberculosis in Indianapolis, and has a prize fighter roommate whose mother was a Holy Ghost woman belonging to Christ Temple pastored by G.T. Haywood. Doctors tell Lawson he has but a short time to live. He remembers the testimony of the old Holy Ghost woman. He prays and God heals his body. He makes his way to Christ Temple where he is baptized, filled with the Holy Ghost and called to preach. The affliction was the Lord's "Wake-up Call" for a chosen life and vessel. G.T. Haywood was a stern taskmaster for all his ministers and required the young Robert Lawson, Samuel Hancock, Schooler and Washington to study the Bible, page by page, covering the Old and New Testaments 6 times per year. 

In 1919, Elder Lawson was invited to a prayer meeting which was in progress in a basement in the 40th Street area of New York City. So energetic was his service to the Lord that his fame spread abroad and reached the ears of Mr. and Mrs. James Burleigh and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Anderson. These blessed couples opened their homes to Elder Lawson and their home today is affectionally thought of as the Cradle of the Church of Our Lord Christ.

Church of The Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, Sherrod Johnson, Founder 1932.

Bishop Sherrod Johnson leaves the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ and establishes the Church Of The Lord Jesus Christ. Johnson and Lawson had found agreement on the Marriage and Divorce issue and on women preachers; however differed on many other doctrinal issues, particularly the proper dress of a saint. The Church Of The Lord Jesus under the leadership grew across the country with a nation wide network and broadcasts to Mexico and several Spanish speaking countries. S.C. Johnson and R.C. Lawson fought over the radio on many Biblical and doctrinal issues. In 1961, upon the death of Sherrod Johnson, Bishop Shelton assumed the presidership until his death in 1992.

The Way Of The Cross - Organization Bishop Henry Chauncey Brooks (H.C.), Founder 1933.

The Way of the Cross Movement came out of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The Organization has grown to several churches throughout the country. The current presiding Bishop of Organization is Bishop Leroy Cannady of Baltimore Maryland.

Zion Assembly Churches 1938

Came out of Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith Inc. Organization. The founder was Bishop J.P. Shields

Churches of God in Christ Jesus 1950

Came out of Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith Inc. Organization. The founder was Bishop Peter Bridges

Bible Way Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ World Wide - Bishop Smallwood E. Williams, Founder 1957  

Came out of Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith Inc. Organization. Bishop Franklin Cornelius Showell, July 2006 to 2010, Baltimore, Maryland; pass presiders Bishop Lawernce G. Campbell served 1991 to 2006. 

Bishop James Silver, Pastor of the Mother Church, Washington, DC

Sitting Pastor Bishop Ronald Demery

The history of the Bible Way Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ (History)

The Bible Way Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ World-Wide, Inc., is an organization of African-American Pentecostal churches started in 1957 in Washington, DC. Later, in 1997, due to internal administrative differences, the church divided into two organizations with one headquartered in Brooklyn, NY and the other in Danville, VA.

The Bible Way Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ was organized in September of 1957 by Smallwood Edmond Williams, who at the time was the General Secretary of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith (COOLJC). Under Williams' leadership, about 70 churches withdrew from that organization to form the new organization, citing the sole-governorship of COOLJC leader, Bishop Robert C. Lawson, as grounds. Williams became the first presiding bishop of the church.

Beliefs of the Bible Way Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ include the inspiration of the Bible as the word of God; salvation made possible only through Jesus; the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues; water baptism by immersion; the pre-millennial second coming of Jesus; the final judgment of the dead; and the establishment of new heavens and a new earth.

In 1995 the church had about 300,000 members in 350 congregations’ world wide. The chief officer in the church is the Presiding Bishop, which office was held in 2006 by Chief Apostle Huie L. Rogers for the church headquartered in Brooklyn, NY and Chief Apostle Cornelius Showell for the church headquarters in Baltimore, MD. Both bodies conduct a general conference annually in July and operate a publishing house in Washington, D.C...

Bible Way Pentecostal Apostolic Church 1960

Came out of Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith Inc. Organization. The founder was Bishop Curtis Jones

Free Gospel Church of Christ, Inc. Bishop Ralph Green 1962

Came out of The Way of the Cross Organization. The presider is Bishop Ralph Green

Holy Temple Church Of The Lord Jesus Christ Of The Apostolic Faith 1962 

Came out of Church of The Lord Jesus Christ Of the Apostolic Faith Organization. The founder was Bishop Randolph Goodwin.

Holy Temple Church of Christ, Inc. Bishop Joseph Weathers 1969

Came out of The Way of the Cross Organization. The presider is Bishop Joseph Weathers

Faith Assembly Of Christ Inc., (Washington, DC) – Bishop Alfonso Way Founder 1971

Came out of Bible Way Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ - Bishop Alfonso Way and Co-Founder Mother Helen C. Way worked together till his death in 2004.

One year after the death of Bishop Alfonso Way, Jeffrey I. Way the bishop & mother's youngest son started a new church in Crofton, Maryland. "The Word Center” where Jeffery I. Way is founder and pastor.

Mother Helen C. Way remains as the Founder and CEO, of the church she and her husband founded installs her fourth son Elder Alfonso G. Way as pastor in March of 2005

The United Way of the Cross 1974

Came out of The Way of the Cross Organization. The current presiding is Bishop Adams

Evangelistic Churches of Christ Bishop Lymus Johnson, Founder 1974

Faith Assembly of Christ Inc., Capitol Heights Maryland – Bishop Mitchell A. Way, Founder 1994 (The 2nd son of Bishop Alfonso Way)

Came out of Bible Way Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ, to serve with his father. Than out of Faith Assembly Of Christ Inc,. (Washington DC) where the founder was Bishop Alfonso Way his father.

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